There must be some hanging chads....

.... cause I'm unclear why America voted for there to be a "computer engineer" Barbie.

There are a few other things that I'm unclear about:
1) who was the voting population
2) what were the other options
3) I haven't seen any computer engineers dressed like this

Since I like to be thorough, let's really break this outfit down. Now, we all know that I'm no fashion plate, but here goes nothing.

- Hot pink glasses
- Bluetooth Headset
- Multicolor blazer
- Hot pink computer
- sensible hot pink shoes
- cropped speckled black pants

Now, to be honest... I'm sure nobody would buy a barbie with any of the outfits I like to wear to work ... but really? I really hope that these girls don't think computer engineers actually wear outfits like this, cause they'll be sorely mistaken when they show up for the first day of work....

On a related note: I'd like an adult size of that tshirt Barbie is sporting.

Why Coder Barbie Is Good for Women in Tech

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