The World is all a Twitter

I find the concept of Twitter to be a bit confusing at times to be honest.

I joined Twitter originally last Spring (2009) and was so freaked out by my lack of control over the information flow that I quit. I like to manage my digital identity and I felt like I couldn't get a grip on what I needed to do to feel comfortable with Twitter.

This Winter (2010), I decided that I was ready to give it another go. So that's what I'm doing. I've realized you don't have to post things you don't want to - I know shocking right? I don't need to include my social activities or whereabouts. I don't need to include my latest friendship revival. None of those shenanigans that Kim Kardashian or Sam Ronson seem to be up to these days.

So, I post links and sometimes make connections with those silly @ and # signs. I'm constantly mystified by this weird language that pops up when I refresh my twitter feed. Last week, I tweeted to a popular Boston twitter-er (is that a word?) a link to a local sushi place. I got 100+ hits on my website that day. The power of Twitter is pretty crazy ... which brings me to my actual point.

Today I elected to "follow" the Boston Police. Not that I was ever really reckless, but I guess this is a testament to getting older. I never would have followed a police department in my younger years. I was pretty intrigued by the stuff they had to say this morning.

In addition to the messages you see here, they also followed up with someone who lost a wallet. I've heard of Comcast writing to people on Twitter, but the Boston Police? Really? 

I was really surprised when I got this direct message from the Boston Police in my email last night. My first thought? What did I do? Did I post something? Did I leave something somewhere? Then I realized that despite my Twitter name BPD has no idea who I really am (or at least so I think). Upon reading the note, I was initially appreciative of the fact that they sent a thank you note for something so simple... and then perplexed by society when they indicated you shouldn't tweet emergencies.... you still need to call 911.

Really America? Who is "tweeting" emergencies instead of picking up the phone?

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