the POWER of the internet

Its amazing how powerful the internet is... and isn't.

I should bring this up with the inventor.

Sometimes I feel like I need to know the answer to something and the answer is instantly in my hands. Case in point, the time that my brother and I debated about how fast a manatee swims. Answer.... 3-5 mph.

Other times... the internet is not helpful. I have two specific and recent examples.

ONE. I was trying to help my sister research masters programs related to art. Now, I clearly know .... NOTHING... about art. I couldn't be farther from the art world, but I wanted to help. There is no rankings systems for masters in "art" schools and its crazy. Doesn't everything need to have a list or rank associated to it?
Result: there is a reason why I am in business... and why Kerrianne is in art. She doesn't really need rankings because she just talks to people and gets their "professional opinion". I guess this is social networking...
TWO.  My brother broke his finger this weekend playing basketball ... or I guess playing basketball with himself. Quite cute. He's trying to improve his game. I'm sure he'll feel incredible over Easter break when he schools me with only 9 fingers (4 on his shooting hand, whatever that means) and a foot less of height ... nevermind the age difference.

Back to the point, so I get the idea that it'd be more efficient for him to play by himself if he had one of those "ball comes back to you things" that goes on the hoop. I had no idea what to search for with this... but I eventually got to the search terms "basketball return". Turns out the reviews for these products are pretty mixed or non-existent... and there aren't many products out there to pick from.

So this is my social networking... here are the 3 products I found with the help of Jeff Bezos. Any feedback or ideas on which ones are better than others?

Ok Internet... do your thing... bring me the answers!


  1. my authority (who just finished his 4th grade season) says the most expensive one extends too far out, blocking some tight shots. he has no experience with the others, but thinks the SKLZ looks wide enough to block shots, so his recommendation is go with the Spalding. That's a major brand, so I'd go with his recommendation.

  2. Thanks Adrian!

  3. let me know how it goes - when I asked James, he wanted to know more about your brother. James is 10, but often goes to the Y to play 1:1 with the teenagers, he's a scrappy little dude.

    Oh, and I know someone who knows quite a bit about art schools, too. I think she's dropped out of 2 of them!


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