Thanks.... but really?

Over Christmas break, I went to Napa with some classmates and we checked out Round Pond winery.

It is gorgeous.

Next time you go to the Bay Area.... you should totally check it out. They have a patio that I have dreams of relaxing on again some day.

But to my point.... I bought some delicious Blood Orange Olive Oil from them and have been loving it.... until the cork/stopper combo broke. Round Pound came to the rescue by responding to my email within hours and letting me know they would send a replacement out right away.

So yesterday I get the package from them:

Don't worry folks.... I got the package and there was no way the replacement cork could get damaged because the box was about 50x bigger than the product. I'm guessing that they didn't have anything smaller, but really? You could have just put it in a padded envelope and tossed that sucker in the USPS instead of putting it in this big box and sending it UPS.


Here are the facts:
1) I have a new cork
2) I still love Round Pond
3) You don't want to hear anymore about product packaging

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