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I've blogged recently about my new found love of Greek Yogurt. I've also admitted that I have no preference and little to zero knowledge about how to buy yogurt. You'd think after stating this twice (if not more), I would have done some research. Nope.

Well today, I'm in Philadelphia and I stopped at a 7-11 on my way to my boyfriend's apartment. I like to have an afternoon snack and I didn't want to risk that in the middle of the current rainstorm I'd be forced to leave the comfort of my afternoon nap for yogurt. So, I just pick up 3 yogurts for the time that I'm here.

So far in my yogurt explorations, I've been minorly critical of a few brands - but haven't really developed any allegiances. This brand though - Oikos by Stonyfield Farms - is not on my shopping list anymore. Not only do I not like the taste as much as the others.... I find the packaging terribly annoying.

Let me elaborate.

This container looks normal - right? Yes, you are right. See, here I am with the container. Yes, I know the words are backwards... that's what happens when you use your webcam to take pictures.

My complaint is that ... Oikos decided to get fancy with their container... and they made some weird Greek letters - or some other pattern... on the rim of the container. This would be fine if you didn't like to leave your containers spotless like I do.

Because of this pattern, I feel like I left some precious little bits of tasty (moderately tasty), over-priced yogurt behind. This embellishment on the container clearly costs money to do, and I bet that nobody would care if it was missing.

I know I sound crazy. I know this is a bit ridiculous - but if they had asked me as a product tester what I thought about this, I would have told them their yogurt was fine and their container was annoying. Too many nooks and crannies.

(and now I sound like a granny...)

(I hope you noticed that I rhymed that last part)

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