My lovely abode

Some of you may be familiar with where I live... others not.

Well, I currently live in graduate housing - but essentially its just apartments that the apartment leases and then leases to me at a rate that can only be a loss for them. Whatever.

The building is an eclectic bunch and I feel like I've learned a lot about human nature since I've been here. It must be nice to be in a business where customer service / satisfaction has little to no impact on the profitability of your business. For example, once last year I did not have power for four hours while I waited for someone to come and open the fuse box ... no apology.

So it is not really a surprise to me when the elevator breaks on a weekly basis. This normally happens whenever its been a particularly active social evening in the building... so needless to say I'm surprised that on a Wednesday night the drunk people broke the elevator. Now, to be fair... I don't know that they were drunk this time, but I feel I've accumulated enough evidence in 18 months to say that.

So when the elevator breaks, the door just opens and closes repeatedly until a repair person comes. I happen to live directly behind the elevator on the 2nd floor. I can hear the elevator on a normal basis so when its broken and slamming open and shut... I hear it even more clearly. In the event you had a hard time visualizing what I am talking about.... here is a video:

I also have excellent things to say about fire alarm system and trash removal... feel free to hold your breath cause those blog posts are coming your way shortly.

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