My life is hard

My life these days is pretty hard. I pull myself together a few days a week for class and then rest of the time I spend savoring every experience I can get out of my last few months of school.

Some of you may know that I've taken up morning tv as a hobby recently. I have little in common with the rest of the people that watch morning tv (Ellen, Regis & Kelly, etc). I know this because of the stuff they talk about. Sometimes the segments on the Today Show does are pretty ridiculous ... and it you find yourself with endless amounts of time I wouldn't ever waste any of it on Hoda & Kathie Lee - otherwise known as the 4th hour of the Today Show.

I even went so far as to become a fan of Ellen last night on Facebook.

I'd like to even admit that I will TiVo "Ellen" for when I can't watch it in the morning... in fact as I write this I'm watching Ellen torture people playing blindfolded musical chairs with weird character masks ... all in the name of a trip to Florida.

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