Ms. Fix-It

I feel like we've all seen that episode of Seinfeld with the low flow shower heads. Right?

Well in the event you haven't.... here's a clip.

I myself have been experiencing less and less water pressure I feel with each passing month I live in this apartment. It became a lot more evident to me when I got home from spring break and didn't feel like I could wash my hair without the help of a firefighter's hose. Recently, I politely requested my management company check the water pressure.... they were not really interested in engaging in my issue.

So... I've decided to fix it myself. I know I am only going to be living here until May 26th - but that it just too long to go with this ridiculous problem. Thanks to Jeff Bezos, I can buy a shower head for $7.69. I am willing to fix my own problem for less than $10.

Selling points of this showerhead? Its sub $10 and one of the reviews said: "This is by far the best shower head I have ever used. easy a girl can do it!!"

I'm a handy person*, and so I think I should be able to do this myself. Also, don't worry I'll capture video of the flow with both shower heads so you can be the judge... and I'm sure I'll have pictures of the entire "Jen=Handyman" experience

*Don't judge me by the holes in my wall where I attempted to hang pictures in this miserable apartment. The walls are exceedingly hard - or at least that's what I tell myself.

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