I'm a sucker....

....for a gadget.

Like you make it... I'll probably be willing to try it... or I'll at least think about it.

Tonight, I was having dinner at my friend Meghan's - she made a super tasty lasagna. (Which by the way, when I need to type lasagna, I spell it out like this "LA- ZAG-NA" just like that in my head). Meghan popped open a bottle of wine... and I'm rarely one to refuse a glass of wine. Especially one that is surrounded by homemade hummus and olives. I love olives.

Regardless. I'm off track again.

So after pouring two glasses of wine, Meghan whips out this device and introduces it as "you'd like this". I'd always been thrown off by these wine gadgets because I perceived them to be one of the following: expensive, flimsy, or useless. Apparently, this little wonder fit none of my perceptions.

Perhaps I'll buy one for myself... although I'm sure that I'll never get much use out of it... I rarely can be found with a bottle of wine around :)

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