How I spent my sophomore year

I spent a significant portion of my sophomore year watching Golden Girls. It also helped that it was on a whole lot - and that it was significantly more exciting than Intro to Philosophy with my grad student professor. He was "unique" and often seemed like he was half asleep - which I'd like to blame a raging social life but I think his personality was a reflection of all the beige he wore.

I wonder what that says about me... since I wear a lot of black stretchy pants and fleece.


A few weeks ago a campaign was started on Facebook to get Betty White on SNL. As of the current date, the group has 488,065 fans... and it was started on 12/30/2009. 

Having spent many years as a devote fan of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia .... I knew she was entertaining... but who knew this woman was funny? Not me.

I wonder who else we could get on SNL with a "mere" 500,000 fans.

Here's her acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award:

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