Can I borrow some paper?

What type of world is it we live in that everything is so computerized that my little sister doesn't even have paper? Well she doesn't - and so she came by this afternoon to get some paper so she could study for midterms.

For those of you that don't know Kerrianne... she's a bit epic ... shall we say....

She's everything that I'm not - dark skinned, dark hair, dark eyes, artistic, etc. My friend Dave likes to read her Facebook page in part because she is a wee bit ridiculous ... and has a penchant for dressing in animal print material. Her birthday party theme may or may not have been "Predator v Prey".

Regardless, her computer died and she needed to get some paper so she could "study". The interaction between her and the Apple "Genius" Bar man sounded hilarious... so I suggested she write a blog post about it... alas she can't because she doesn't have a computer. So she whipped out some of her new paper (ahem, mine) and started writing.

KMF Blog Post

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