... and then my friend came to visit

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a special visitor at my apartment for a few hours. My friend's Dave and Lara have this incredible dog named Dwight. He was an awesome dog when I first met him more than a year ago, and an even better dog now that he has only 3 legs.

For no really good reason, Dave let me play with Dwight for a few hours yesterday and it was awesome. The day was super rainy and gross. I was having a really hard time motivating to do anything that I should be doing (laundry, cleaning, reading, etc).  I can't say that I got much done yesterday even with the renewed energy from playing with a puppy ... but it was definitely a worthwhile day.

Here's some flip video I shot when Dwight was visiting. It's embarrassing how much video we took ... as a result you can consider this 1 minute and 50 second video short :)

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