Almost Amazon.... almost

So, as you might remember I spent all of last week sitting on a beach in the Dominican Republic. As part of that super stressful and exhausting work week.... I read a lot of magazines, and they were not always educational.

So, after seeing countless pictures of Elin Nordegren sporting a Nike sweatshirt I realized it had everything I'd ever wanted in a sweatshirt. (Note, if you know me you also know that I'm moderately addicted to apparel that comes with an elastic waist or is made of comfy cotton) Soooo, I broke out my BlackBerry and used the Amazon Remembers app function to find the sweatshirt online.

I've used the "Remembers" function many a time to find anything from hand lotion to my favorite Kashi bars ... and for books of course too.

Essentially, I had never had Amazon make a mistake or take more than 3 minutes to "find my item" in their inventory. So, I sent Amazon a picture of Elin in the sweatshirt that I took with my blackberry from a magazine ... looking like this image...
... and what did Amazon send me but a link to a Joel Francis product (ahem... Girls Gone Wild) that had literally no correlation to what I had sent them. So close Jeff Bezos, yet not at all.

Don't worry, I did find the sweatshirt online since I've been home... we'll see if I make the purchase as a present to myself.

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