Siblings Adventures // Day 0

I posted this picture on Instagram like a month ago for "National Siblings Day" because that's apparently a thing. But it was right around when we were beginning to plan this trip! It's been quite awhile since I was on a plane. But today is the beginning of a new adventure with my siblings. We are taking what I think is our first siblings trip.

It all happened really organically.

I've been wanting to see Olympic National Park and so I asked Jake if he would be interested. He said yes, but could we also go to a Mariners Game. I said yes. Then the last sibling said she was interested, but could we also go to a cider house. We said yes.

So that's where we are. About to take a long weekend trip to Seattle to do all of these things. A park. A game. A cider house. I've traveled a fair bit with my sister but not really with my brother. We did go to Florida one December for a few days but it was more as a chaperone as opposed to a co-traveller. We'll see what happens when we have no cell signal, no tv, and hopefully plenty of snacks. Despite all the times we've gone to the grocery store / movies / Dunkin Donuts ... a cross-country trip without parental supervision is a totally different ballgame. And I'm excited about it.

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