Flowers + Baseball + Glass Art // Day 4

I'm really glad that we came into Seattle the day before - instead of this morning. While we weren't exactly trying to cram a lot of activities into Seattle... that extra breathing room made it easy for everyone to see what they wanted to see. I had last been to Seattle in 2010 on a grad school trip - and this time I managed to see just a few more things.

It really was a rather perfect day. We fueled up with a solid breakfast, walked 21k steps according to my Fitbit, and saw a beautiful dusky evening along the water. The only thing I would change is to get a hotel that has a roofdeck.

Breakfast at Ludi's

If I've learned one thing on this vacation, it's that my brother really loves breakfast. While the rest of the team was sleeping I did some research on good spots for our morning meal. We originally tried to hit up Bitch Biscuit but the combination of the line and lack of seating caused us to go with Plan B - Ludi's. Ludi's was billed as a no-frills, traditional diner option - and that was on-point. While the potatoes didn't exactly wow us, we can chock this up as a reasonable meal that set us up for the day.

Pike's Place

The last time I was here was in 2010... and I think it was before like 8 am ... so it was nice and quiet. But at 10 am on a Sunday this place is bumping. We probably spent a couple hours just walking around and peeking at things. I was absolutely in love with all the fresh flowers. Every stall was so amazing and had varieties that I had never seen before. The peony tulips are so unique... might try to grow some next year? Maybe?

Jake had two requests. See them toss the fish around and go to the first Starbucks. We managed to easily do both. Turns out there is always a line at Starbucks - even at 9 pm. Jake got another latte because that's his jam now. Kerrianne bought me a flower that I proceeded to carry around for the rest of the day. I only wish I could have taken it home with me to Boston.


Since Pike's Place didn't take as much time as we thought... we had a little extra to play with. REI is based in Seattle so we had heard that it was worth a trip to the store. It was a bit of a walk and definitely not in downtown Seattle - but also totally worth it. I was a little worried that it was just going to be "normal" but it was far from it. There was a rock climbing wall, a river / fountain situation, a mountain bike trail, and two huge floors of product. An absolute experience.

Mariners Game

When we were beginning to plan this trip, the only thing Jake asked to do was to go to a Mariner's game. I ended up buying the tickets via Seatgeek at Logan Airport before we left on Thursday. It was a beautiful day for a game with blue skies and some warm sun. It was also apparently some special children's day at the game and Jake got a free hat. Technically the hats are only for the kids under 14 ... but the kid gave it to him anyway.

Boston seems to get a bad rap for being an expensive sports city but this wasn't exactly any cheaper. The food was absolutely the same - if not higher. But the stadium was really nice. It is located pretty much in the city so we were able to walk back to the hotel after the game.

Chihuly Exhibit

Although Kerrianne's main request was to visit cider houses, she also really wanted to see this Chihuly exhibit. It was only open for some limited hours, so we did leave the game a bit early to make it work - but it was also pretty impressive. I had seen one of his pieces at the Boston MFA a few years back so this was a much larger experience. Some of the reviews said it was particularly impressive to see at dusk or nighttime and I would agree with that. We were there around 5pm and I think it would only be more amazing if the sun was a tiny bit less bright.

Other Activities

Although I was inclined to take an Uber back from the museum, Kerrianne suggested we walk and it was a great idea for many reasons. One we ended up finding a cute Mexican place for dinner and two, I got to exchange my sad, worn-out vest at Patagonia. Both were great highlights for sure. We decided on the Cantina de San Patricio place largely because it had a great outdoor patio ... also because the guac looked great. It was a perfectly relaxing dinner in a cute alley way of Pike's Place. While we were eating we played "dealbreakers v gamechangers" with Jake. The game is essentially where we ask him questions and he tells us how much he cares about them. E.g. Buttered Toast is apparently a game changer.

After some relaxing hotel time, Jake and I took a dusk stroll back to Pike's Place. While he loves breakfast the most, he also loves a little sweet for dessert. I've disappointed him on more than one occasion by having nothing to offer him at my house. So we grabbed a little chocolate at Rocky Mountain Fudge and strolled through the empty Pike's market. The water was so pretty at this hour. You could see Mt Rainer clearly on the horizon and the ferries were going back and forth. I love a good walk and was happy that my baby brother obliged me on this one. We enjoyed our chocolate treats over some Uno and facemasks on hotel beds. Jake opted out of the facemasks activity sadly.


We are flying home! Our flight isn't until mid-morning so we'll have some time to do breakfast in Seattle first. Jake has politely requested Biscuit Bitch... twice.

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