Spring is here

 Spring is finally here - or so it feels like it.

If nothing else, mentally Spring has arrived. I no longer want to wear coats to work. Bye bye puffy jackets! I made my first batch of sun tea on a very sunny Saturday and I'm dreaming of pre-work mornings staring at my tomatoes. So pretty much just a rinse and repeat of Spring/Summer 2016. I'm honestly not sure what I would change - maybe more vacation days.

Recently, I've been working on fixing the dead spots in the lawn. A friend of mine asked me what I was doing one late Saturday afternoon and I responded "reseeding the lawn". So this is real now. I Last summer there were some incredible water restrictions which resulted in the lawn looking like splotchy bald man and so I'm trying to fix that. Everything on the internet tells you to only grow grass seed in the Fall, but what are you supposed to do when you realize its all dead in the Spring... just sit around and wait 5 months? Also, Lowe's really wants to sell everyone seed and dirt right now. Obviously I'm growing the grass anyway - or trying to at least. I'd like to understand why it is so easy to grow weeds - and less easy to grow grass.

But, I'm thrilled for these seasons to return. I can't wait to not have planned anything for dinner and then be like "well I guess I'll just have a fresh caprese salad ... again". Only like 3-4 months for that to happen. In the meantime, I'm getting as much fresh air as I can handle. I did a lot of trail walking this winter and those trails are starting to get green again. I heard a rumor there might be some fiddleheads coming up nearby and so finding them is pretty much the only thing on my weekend to-do list.
[top] brand new baby cow at Hornstra. I can't admit how often I visit the baby cows because they might start to charge me. 
[1-2] Weekend visit to John Little Conservation in Marshfield
[3] I discovered this new (to me) trail in Marshfield and this incredible house is right off the path. It's actually owned by the town - and I'm in love with every little spec of it. All the windows. All the corners and nooks - and especially that giant tree. 
[4-5] I renewed my Trustees membership and then immediately put it to use at World's End in Hingham. It was one of the first warm spring days and Ruby needed to take a dunk to cool off. When people ask me if she likes to swim, I say no - but she does love to wade in the water. She has the spirit of an old New England woman inside of her and I love it.
[6] There are some birds building this nest next to the front door. While I still question their placement and construction skills, I feel like I have to let them have this spot - clearly I haven't be able to provide them with any other places to raise their children. Plus, optimistically baby birds for Eleanor and I to watch for a few weeks.
[7] I thought I had done a reasonably good job doing Fall cleanup but never actually emptied the planters of their mums, kale, and pumpkins - whoops. It wasn't super fun to clean out but now they have pansies... which is absolutely better than decomposing gourds. 
[8-10] Quick little afternoon trip to Weir River Farm. The cat is named John and he is apparently a ruthless killer - who also likes belly rubs.

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