Traveling fate... It is what it is

So that is what the Cape looks like from above... Apparently.

I'm not sure I've ever seen that before from the air.

Obviously, I'm back flying again and not to pleased about it. Some days flying is easy breezy, where as the next day makes me cringe with hatred for US Air. For example, today i'm flying to Philadelphia again. US Air has flights pretty much hourly in the timeframe of 530-1030 {I'm sure it continues later than that but what business traveller can leave after 9 am really?}

As a result of some personal stuff, I was at the airport early enough to just miss the 530 flight, see the 630 flight delayed until 830, and not get off the standby list for the 715. At a certain point you accept your fate as a traveler, you won't get to your destination one minute before the airline / FAA will let you .... But you have to wonder what happens inside these airlines a little bit.

For example... In the two months that I've been flying {not train-ing} I think my flight has been ontime once. Maybe twice. That is a horrible batting average... But whatever right? However, today as I'm sitting on the plane awaiting takeoff I get a voicemail from the airline. They just wanted me to know my flight was going to be about 30 minutes delayed. Thanks for the FYI US Air but where were you all the other times. Also, why are you wasting your time and energy calling customers about flights for which they should already be at the airport?

Remember that 630 flight that was delayed until 830? Well, that's the one I ended up getting on. I was pretty stoked to land an exit row seat especially since I didn't pay for it. After all the passengers have boarded the plane, the flight crew thanked us for our patience {you are welcome} and announced that the 2 hour delays has been due to required crew rest. They also dropped a little gem that the flight would be delayed a little bit longer as they fixed a broken door latch. I have no issues with crew rest, I love my sleep and I want those responsible for my safety to get theirs as well. But, if the flight is already delayed two hours and the plane is sitting at the gate... Why did it take you until we boarded the plane to note the broken latch?

I'm going to try and hit up my favorite grocery store for lunch {WEGMANS!} in an attempt to break this Monday of it's downward spiral...

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