revisiting walter.

Oh Walter. When I bought my hammock at Lowe's a few weeks ago, I honestly knew I was making a great decision but I hadn't anticipated how relaxing it would be to just swing gently in the breeze of the front yard. Annie {the neighbor's dog} sits as close as she possibly can by "snuggling" under the hammock. Cute no?

Since the big purchase of Walter, I've been tempted to "pimp" him out with other things. The hammock company is willing to sell you just about anything. Attached tables. Bug nets. Swings. Wheels. Canopys. {Of course I can't find the links anymore online... } I was drawn to the table because I kept knocking over my drink... however I just couldn't rationalize an $80 table. My money has better places to go, like cake pops at Starbucks.

I did decide the I needed a "device" to help me swing myself in the hammock. After unsuccessfully trying to explain this to several people, I even drew up a plan in a Google Doc. Simple no?
The hard part? Learning to tie a "monkey's fist" for the end. I felt this was essential as I wanted some weight to the rope but no wood or real handle. A trip to the local hardware store proved successful as I walked away with like a bazillion feet of rope {despite needing only like 15} and a stake to hold the end in the ground. My dad instantly volunteered to do the Fist, but I protested that this was my project.... however I would take a quick instruction. Thanks to a few YouTube tutorials {and Dad} .... and about 45 minutes of fussing with rope.... I had my fist.

I'm pretty proud of the fist.... as you can see. I point it out to anyone that admires Walter in the yard. "Hey ya, the hammock is great. His name is Walter. BUT, did you see the monkey's fist?!?".

Just as I was uploading these pictures to my computer on Sunday, I looked out my bedroom window and saw this sight below. If that isn't the best reason for the hammock, I'm not sure what is.
Dad relaxing with Walter after a long day in the yard

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