Meet Walter.

Meet Walter. My Hammock.

I've wanted a hammock for about as long as I can remember. Its so relaxing just swinging lightly in the breeze - or laying still under the trees {rhyming unintentional, but awesome}. So last weekend, I said enough is enough and went to Lowes and picked up my new favorite thing, Walter. Walter is a Pawleys Island Hammock - which apparently is like a big brand, or not. I went to a few websites prior to purchase {of course, research} and only really found Pawleys hammocks. Who knew? Not me.

Anyway, I love Walter and he was really quick and easy to assemble. I did have one hiccup {as you'll see in the video} because the directions were like non-existent. Plus, I knew the hammock was like 13-15 feet long, but I have no gauge on distance and as a result tried to assemble a 20 foot-ish hammock. Oops.
I've been tempted to "pimp out" my hammock with a table attachment, perhaps a bug net... but so far have only purchased a wheel for him.... being as he's pretty heavy. Its only like 65 pounds {stand only} but super awkward to try and move. Not pretty.

Best hammock moment so far? Checking out the stars with Little Brother one night this weekend. We used my Google Stars app on the phone and found one of the dippers and saw a few shooting stars. Yes, it was as dreamy/suburban/awesome as it sounds.

Heaven = hammock + cooking magazine + Starbucks

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