Farm Time.

I think that one of the fastest ways to make poor decisions is to go to a grocery store hungry... or stand in your pantry. I've been known to impulse by anything from prosciutto to Cheezits to loafs of French bread. A much safer place to go? An organic farm.

After roaming the Glastonbury Abbey garden tour for a few hours on Saturday, I was starving. I was honestly craving a BLT from Circe's Grotto, but I've recently been protesting the establishment. I was tired of the slow service and inconsistent pricing. I felt like I was enabling the customer service by continuing to buy BLTs and not saying anything. Instead of saying something, I just stopped going. I guess I'm an avoider of conflict.

Anyway. The Holly Hill Farm didn't have BLTs but they had gorgeous sugar snap peas. According to the girl working, they were picked less than a hour before I started popping them in my mouth. I just love that.

I picked up some butter lettuce and sugar snap peas. On the way home, I managed to eat HALF of the peas. I'm sure that this snack is better for me than Cheez-Its.

The Farm is very "nature"-y. I guess that comes with being organic. They have this cut flower garden that hasn't quite bloomed yet, but when it does I'm sure it'll be gorgeous. I did manage to see a few blooms, but a few weeks from now I'll have to come back. I'm already looking forward to watching parents take pictures of their annoyed children in front of the flowers. Hello Christmas Card 2011!

While I wanted a BLT, the butter lettuce from Holly Hill Farm along with Friday night's leftovers mixed in, was quite tasty. It was definitely a summer meal.

Salad Contents
Butter lettuce
Garlic Cous Cous {leftovers from this dinner}
Lemon Chicken {leftovers from this dinner}
Honey Goat Cheese
Homemade French Bread Croutons {broiled with olive oil and garlic salt}
a bit o' dressing {olive oil, honey, balsamic}

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  1. (1) You just made me hungry.

    (2) I included a little paragraph for you in today's post about the photo editing program(s) I use! I was going to type it out in a comment for you, but it would've been too long. And I have a few other friends that are wondering as well. :]


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