Watching the grass grow

Praise the lord. It's the weekend. And it's a long one {twss}.

Not only is it a 3-day weekend, but I also don't have to travel next week. Woot woot. A few people have asked me what I'm doing this weekend .... and my answer is NOTHING. I'm quite literally going to watch the grass grow. And, I'm really excited about that. I spent a little bit of time this afternoon relaxing and reading old cooking magazines in the backyard today before venturing to the beach to watch the tide come in. True story.
A little spot of sun coming through the cloud
Gladys the cat

I'm not sure if this picture makes you a little dizzy, cause it kind of makes me a little dizzy... but I think there is something neat about it. So enjoy it... and if you don't, well then close your eyes.

Goals for the long weekend? Read 33% of my current book {Water for Elephants}, play tennis, walk on the beach, drink ice coffee, and attempt to make cake pops {yep, that's the ambitious goal}.

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