Sunday Dinner

One of the perks of having several roommates {this is how I refer to living at home} is that I get to cook for more than one person! Having lived at home for nearly a year now ... wow the time flies ... I've forced the family to try several new foods and most have gone off without a hitch. The day I get Mom to try an oyster will be a victory unknown to anyone else...

With avocados being in season {I think, again... I have no idea what is in season when}, Baby Sister and I wanted to incorporate it into the meal. We stumbled upon this recipe for Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa and went from there.

The recipe itself was crazy easy, although Baby Sister lost her shit a few times because of the horrible knives kept in this house. But she made it through all the tears {from the onions :)} and the meal was awesome.

I only wish I could take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Although I'm sure taking this meal through security wouldn't violate any laws, TSA might take it from me because its so delish.
marinating chicken in lime juice, olive oil, cilantro, and a bit of salt before grilling
dicing the tomatoes is a bitch with our knives
the finished product with Parmesan cous cous
We didn't really make many "modifications" to the original recipe. Just added some more tomatoes to the salsa and used parmesan cous cous instead of rice.

I can only hope my meals this week are half as good as this one. I'm pretty sure Bertuccis won't disappoint me {a Monday dinner tradition} but meals like this make me miss cooking during the week.

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