Sky High

When I fly alone, I require the aisle. I like to limit the stranger danger and I also like to know that I'm guaranteed at least one armrest. But, if you and I were to travel together, I'd probably request the window. Not only because I could use your shoulder for a pillow but also because I love being able to watch the landscape below .... especially when flying over the coast.

Yesterday I flew Southwest home from Philadelphia... and thanks to the gentleman taking tickets I knew that the flight was only about 60% full. As a result, I snagged myself a window seat for the short flight and enjoyed the view.

 Of course my Droid camera didn't really capture how super neat the clouds were ... but try and use your imagination a bit... 
The approach into Boston ... hello land!
Its been a long day that included a trip to the doctors office. I've been having this weird lung discomfort and since I don't trust doctors in suburban Philadelphia, I had to wait until I got to my home sweet home. In the end, I had a chest x-ray and some blood work. Oh, and my first EKG. Which after all the episodes of House and Grey's Anatomy you would think I would have had some idea what it would be ... alas no. No worries though folks, it essentially just looks like they are attaching Ethernet cables to these little stickers around my heart and in some other places. For reals.

Now, I'm just going to enjoy the weekend.

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