My "Worldly" Posessions

Nearly one year ago, I packed up my apartment and put it in storage. My original plan was to collect my worldly possessions in the fall. Then fall turned into winter, winter to spring, and then .... Yes, you guessed it. Summer. {I challenge you to try and forgo living by the beach in nice weather}

There are a few things that I've needed since they've been packed. At cold BC games, I needed my favorite hat. When we had all those snow storms I needed my snow pants. It's incredible how I managed to fill an entire moving truck with STUFF and yet I have needed very little of it.

The list of things I've missed however is a little but longer. I loved my bed with it's big fluffy comforter and bunches of pillows. I missed my bookcase that I lovingly assembled {backwards the first time.... Oops} on a Sunday afternoon with Baby Sister. I missed my tiffany lamp that my mom gave me my sophomore year of college. It was by far the best looking dorm lamp around  I missed my petite couch that was just the perfect size for me to curl up on by myself. I missed my Kitchen Aid mixer when I was making multiple batches of cookies.

But.... The other day as I was getting ready to make cookies I got really excited for one of my favorite things.... A baby blue mixing bowl from Williams-Sonoma. Blue is most certainly my favorite color {I think} but it's more just how pretty everything looks in the bowl. Sadly, I can't even find a picture of my beloved bowl... but it would be as if these two bowls got together and had babies. Yes, exactly that.

Blue Bowl - Crate & Barrel $3.95
White Pantry Batter Bowl - Williams-Sonoma $39

Le sigh :)

Until I get my pretty little hands on this bowl again, I'll keep walking on the beach, hanging out on the porches, and stretching out on my parents giant couches.

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