Mason Jars? Yes please.

There is something about mason jars that just make me happy. I think its because they remind me of coastal homes, summer, and relaxation. I saw this post on Apartment Therapy last night and immediately pinned the picture to my Pinterest board.

I'm not super creative, but I feel like the cool part about mason jars is that they are like a blank canvas. So many possibilities! Do you want to put flowers in them? fine. Do you want to drink out of it? even better.  Do you want to use it as a light? Sure why not. Plus, they are pretty cheap so you can experiment without fear of making a costly mistake.

I've used mason jars for a few things in my life: making pickles, gifting cookie dough, holding flowers. But thanks to my beloved Pinterest I have new inspiration like the pictures I included below. Can't wait for summer.

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