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Last week I made reference to a "bucket list" brainstorming session I had on Wednesday night.

I don't think a bucket list needs to be long or especially challenging but there is something to be said for keeping it fresh. In the spirit of keeping things fresh, here is the evidence of my brainstorming last week at the hotel.

The funny part of this is that if you read the list it says "hike (again) in Patagonia". Not only have I never hiked in Patagonia, I've also never been there. Must have been the one beer I had doing some of the writing for me... sidenote: the beer was pretty delicious... and the bottle was awesome. Check it out:
I've also added a few others to my list recently separate from this "brainstorming" session.

I'd like to see an iceberg and attempt to skimboard, for example.

Why you ask? Well icebergs are crazy cool (pun intended) and the skimboarding simply scares me. I think I've failed the past few summers because I'm constantly afraid of falling off the board and breaking my wrist. So, essentially at some point this summer I'd like to get on my little brother's skimboard and not not fall off instantly. Oh, and capture it on video.

Like you thought I'd forget the video.

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