Hotel Rants (but no Raves)

In life I like to think I’m not picky, I roll with the punches. I’m certainly particular, but not picky. Perhaps I’m arguing based on semantics but since I’m the one writing, I get the final say.

However, in traveling life I willingly admit that I’m picky. Its not too hard to please me, but if one thing goes wrong I’m apt to start making a list and keeping track of the faults.

Which is how we get to this post. I’m now in my fourth week of six in nowheresville, Pennsylvania and previously have been pretty happy with my hotel accommodations. I was staying at a Homewood Suites and pretty much had no complaints. Apparently other people didn’t either and this week it was booked solid. So, I headed to the Hampton Inn just down the road.  Perhaps my bad mood about this hotel was started because the parking spots were narrow or because its next to a Bob Evans, but all of my “complaints” come from my experiences in the hotel room.

5 Reasons why I hate the Hampton Inn @ Valley Forge
Sleep Timer. Despite all the time, I’ve spent in hotels I still need to fall asleep to the tv if I’m alone. As a result of this, a sleep timer on the TV makes sense. It also isn’t something that I would think is a big deal to expect. Well, this hotel only has these simple Comcast remotes which I’m onboard with in principle.  I don’t like hotel remotes for many reasons (slow to process signals, clunky, etc) but at least they come with a sleep timer. 

Weirdo Pillows… and not enough of them. There are a few upsides to hotel life and endless pillows is certainly one of them. Every time I stay at a Hilton, I request extra pillows. See the picture below for evidence comparing what I like…. Versus what I don’t like. Can you guess which one is which?
These pictures are pretty poor. But I'm sure you get the idea. Basic point? This isn’t camping. I need more than 3 dinky pillows.

Lights I can’t reach from the Bed. Every hotel is different, but as a general principle I think I should be able to reach the light switch to turn it off from the bed. At this hotel, its high enough and at an awkward angle that I have to get out of bed and reach UP to turn it off. I know I'm being picky, but I get to be picky when I live in hotels.

No water. This is snotty. I fully admit it. But, when I check into any other Hilton brand, I’m given two bottles of water. At some hotels, I sometimes get 2 bottles of water a day. I like to stay hydrated and frankly tap water in a town I don’t live in… freaks me out. Now I know that NYC tap water is phenom, so I’ll drink that. But, here in PA? No idea. I’m pretty sure after 3 days here I’m severely dehydrated. {Slightly joking… but not}

“Bravo” spelling. I hate misspellings – especially when they are on printed materials. Like, why didn’t you have two or more people read it? I have slightly more appreciation for situations where the misspelling actually leads to a real word – but when it doesn’t. No excuses. So when I noticed that the “tv guide” had Bravo misspelled, I was annoyed. Not only did the tv not have sleep timer and I didn’t feel cozy in bed, but they couldn’t even spell this one word right.

So that's my rant. I don't have any "raves" about this place, but tons of rants. It doesn't help that it's been raining the entire time that I've been here.

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