Freakishly Amazing

I've been on the hunt for awhile for some new running tights/pants/whatever you want to call them. Workout clothes are obviously a sizable market and you'd think it would not be a challenge for me to find something I liked. Is it so much to ask for something knee length, not loose, no weird accent piping, no pockets, no drawstrings... and not pay out the nose for it?

Well, it was ... but I finally found the solution during a quick turn through Dick's Sporting Goods last evening. Thanks Under Armour.

But, while I was walking the store I saw some of the t-shirts being pedaled by Nike. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for words on shirts... but I'm not sure I could ever pull off any of these. Also, the people at the store thought I was super weird taking pictures of random shirts... and buying none of them. Oh well.

Like last night for example, I had a super great 4 mile run. It was awesome (in part because of my great new tights) but there is no way I'd be able to stroll around my meat-market of a gym in any of these. But, a little part of me wishes I could pull off "Freakishly Amazing" ...

Pick a fight $25FAST $30
{can't find the others! lamesauce interweb}


  1. I'm not freakishly amazing at anything especially anything physical but I still bought 2 of these tanks (1 purple and 1 pink) as I think it is more about self-esteem than ability and I'd like to think I am freaking amazing at something :)

  2. I would agree with you! I actually did go back and buy the shirt but it fits me funny sadly. Need to return it.


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