I've never been one to know what "season" it is. Despite my love of clementines, I'm always surprised when I see them in the grocery store. I get super pumped when I see those little wooden crates packed with clementines allegedly from Spain. {I'm super skeptical about where food actually comes from. I just do not believe it to be possible that they could pick the clementines in Spain and they wouldn't get rotten before I successfully peel them in one piece}


It appears to be berry season and I'm 100% on board. I love berries. I used to be primarily a strawberry person but recently I can't get enough of the raspberries and blackberries. Downside? this is an expensive hobby. Its actually more expensive than my coffee habit. I realized this tonight as I was strolling Target for some good times. Having procured a veggie burger and fries from Elevation Burger, I decide an impulse buy on raspberries made sense. It seemed totally reasonable to me to drop $3.99 on raspberries.

However, after I polished those suckers off more quickly than a college kids with free food I realized that today alone I've dropped some pretty pennies on fruit. Ever since I've been hanging in Nowheresville Pennsylvania, I've been steadily consuming fruit at every meal. Here is a conservative  estimate:
  • $4-$5 at breakfast for cantelope/honeydew melon or assorted berries
  • $2-$3 at lunch for fruit
So on average, I'm spending say between $5-$8 a day on fruit ALONE. I don't get receipts and I pay cash at the cafeteria {another pet peeve of mine} so I can't tell you exactly. But, what am I spending on coffee?
  • $1.50 for a large coffee in the morning
  • $3.92 for a grande iced skinny vanilla latte in the afternoon.
I guess these numbers aren't too far apart but STILL, people give coffee drinkers a super hard time about how expensive their habit is. Well, my fruit habit is more expensive than my coffee habit.

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