Downton Abbey Dining

If you don't like Downton Abbey, then you are a lost soul to me.

Just kidding. 

But the series has captured my interest ... and my kitchen. What started as a bit of a joke to celebrate Matthew and Mary's wedding at the start of Season 3 has turned into a fun celebratory weekend dinner. 

Let's see how long I can keep the 3 course meals going ....

Season 4, Episode 1 .... Bye Mathew, Hello Widow Mary
- Appetizer: Gougeres
- Dessert: Lemon Sponge Cups

Season 3, Episode 1 .... It's a wedding!
- Appetizer: Deviled Egg
- Main Course: Shepherd's Pie
- Dessert: Apple Charlotte
- Cocktail: Rose champagne, hendrick's gin, St. Germain, and lemon juice

Season 3, Episode 2 ... Well we planned for a wedding!
- Appetizer: Truffled Mushroom Tartlets
- Main Course: Roasted Cod with tomato pancetta stew
- Dessert: Almond Chocolate Cake
- Cocktail: Champagne and pomegranate juice

Season 3, Episode 3 ... It's time for the Irish Revolution
- Appetizer: Asparagus tart
- Main Course: Irish Beef Stew
- Dessert: Nutella Bread Pudding

Season 3, Episode 4 ...
No cooking

Season 3, Episode 5 ...
I got tired and lazy.... so we just ate Chicken Tikka Masala

Season 3, Episode 6 and 7 ...
- First Course: Split Pea Soup
- Second Course: Citrus Cod with Bak Coy and Mushrooms
- Dessert: Meringue Nest with Strawberry Sauce

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