Biscuits + Airplanes // Day 5

Ah the last day of our trip. When we started fleshing out this trip, I oscillated on whether we should stay closer to the airport ... or in the city. We absolutely made the right decision on staying in Seattle. It enabled us to really do so much the day before - including an awesome dusk walk - and actually enjoy breakfast before our flight. Who likes an airport hotel breakfast? No one.


Although the day was largely spent in some form of transport, It was still a really great day. Per Jake's request we managed to get to Biscuit Bitch for breakfast. While we kind of expected a wait on Sunday, I was surprised to find a line on a Monday morning. The menu is pretty robust. Just think of like a make your own sundae bar... but with biscuits. We kept it kind of easy and just ordered biscuits - and they were really great.  A biscuit with honey - and a side of bacon - might not have been the healthiest way to end our trip but it was perfect. We sat in the Waterfront Park, ate some biscuits, and then checked out of our hotel.


You know what makes a cross-country flight easier? Doing it with your siblings. Seriously. When you know everyone in your seat row, it's like stress free traveling. You know you can use the armrest, go to the bathroom, and adjust the window shade as much as your heart desires.

We got to the airport pretty quick and easily via an Uber... and then just relaxed and charged our phones until boarding. Jake and I took one last trip to a Seattle based Starbucks. I'll be honest, I haven't been to Starbucks outside of Seattle in probably like over a year. Since the move to the burbs in 2015, I've been rather firmly in the Dunkin Donuts and local coffee shop camp. It's always nice to shake things up a bit.

I manage to negotiate the window seat for the first half of the flight... and my sweet siblings never asked me to switch. So for the next 6 hours, I watched the USA pass by. It was pretty great to start with some big mountains in Seattle... and end with a chorus of lighthouses in Boston Harbor. We flew over Boston Light and Graves Light, and in the distance I could see Minot Light. My favorite.

What's next? 

... And that was the whole trip. It was a really special couple of days that I'll never forget. At some point, I'll try and write up a post about it. But in the meantime, I'm going to water my lawn and keep looking at these amazing pictures. 

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