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I really treasure fresh air. When it rains during lunch, I have to stay inside and I don't get to just simply get outside. Outside = better than inside. It is just that simple. Today I was on a lunchtime walk for some beloved fresh air... and then it started to rain.

While I wasn't exactly looking my best today, I was wearing a striped cotton dress and sandals. It might be October but I'm not giving up on exposed calfs until mother nature forces me to cover up. I refuse. So when it started to rain, I kept walking for a block until I found a good stoop to take refuge under. Unbeknownst to me, the owner of the house was getting out of his truck immediately in front of me. What are the chances? I quickly apologized for being in his way and said I hadn't expected the rain.

He dropped his groceries in the front hall. I think we said something else to each other but I honestly can't remember. If we did it was nothing profound. I was probably looking at the weather app on my phone. Before grabbing the second bag of groceries, he handed me a beautiful old umbrella from his truck. I tried to refuse but he insisted. I said I wasn't walking far and the rain was stopping. He still insisted and said he had a million - and so now I'm the proud owner of a vintage umbrella.

I'm going to be honest and say I got a little wet-eyed as I walked away. It reminded me a lot of the time I was in Italy and the priest pressed a rosary into my hand. I couldn't even tell you what street I was on in Somerville - but I'm going to love this umbrella well. It has a real wood handle and the strap you use to wrap it up is kind of stretched out. But, it smells like a grandparent and is now one of my favorite things.

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