Sweet Baby Snap Peas

... and just like that I feel like a garden wizard. Almost.

I'm wrapping up a wonderful extra long weekend off from work - of which much was spent outdoors in the sun. After spending so many weekends lamenting, planning, planting, and re-organizing the garden... all I do now is weed and check for more produce.

Another blessing from the holiday weekend, was getting the chance to show more people the garden. This must be how people feel about their children or their prize winning dog. I love walking people over and pointing out where everything lives. "Hi, yes, this is where the peppers live. Yes, see that baby jalapeno. Oh, and here are the tomatoes. Yes, I have six varieties." I do explain that the beets and radishes were a late add and that they aren't the red headed step children of the garden. See what I did there... red-headed... cause they are red...

Here's a quick little status update. Because if I don't tell people that the snap peas are coming in, then it'll be like that never happened.

  • SNAP PEAS // They just keep growing... and getting taller. I slightly regret not having like an 8 foot tall trelice. Am I losing out on snap peas because they won't grow any higher? The snap peas are a super pretty shade of green and then have lovely white flowers. Ugh, I could stare at them all day. Grade = A+
  • BEANS // So, they aren't getting any taller.... but they did suddenly pop out these light purple flowers last week. Then the next morning, I noticed a bunch of skinny little beans. Magic! Grade = B+
  • CUCUMBER // A bit of a mixed bag here. The Boothby Blonde is doing so well. Lots of flowers and even one cucumber. I was REAL excited for that gem. However, I'm not convinced the Mexican Sour Gerkins are even growing. I have no idea if this is a weed or the beginnings of a cucumber plant. So slightly large fail there. Because a single female obviously can't live on 1 cucumber plant alone, I bought a pretty standard cucumber plant from the local hardware store (Straight Eight). Grade = A+, F, B ... complicated.
  • TOMATOES // The two previous winners (Cherokee Purple & Garden Peach) ... are still winning by a long margin. I feel like this weekend could be the turning point for the rest of the flock. All I want is to have a caprese salad. Grade = B
  • RADISHES // Oh these babies are ready! I love that you can see the little pink red hinting out from the soil. I'll absolutely be pulling a few of these in the next couple days. Probably about time to assess when the next batch of radishes go into the ground. Grade = A
  • CARROTS & ONIONS // I have no idea what to make of these guys. They are growing like crazy but who knows when they are "done". Some how a few of the carrot seeds have migrated to other parts of the garden. I think I blame the birds. Grade = Confused but happy

[1] Snap pea flowers.
[2] Migrating carrots. You can see the green carrot toppers have made it over the brick barrier.
[3] Purple flowers of the green beans
[4] The radishes are ready
[5] First Boothby Blonde cucumber!
[6] Jalapeno growth over the span of a week
[7] Garden peach 

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