107 Curvy Miles // Day 3

There is nothing quite like 107 miles of twists and turns to really appreciate California's coastline.

I had decided the night before that I wasn't going to the Redwoods and stuck to that. I ended up spending the day cruising the coast and stopping at a few spots. I had planned to stop at a few others as well but used my better judgement. The roads were often quite desolate, besides cows and hawks, and it didn't seem quite the best idea to hike off to a beach by myself. (You're welcome Mom).

While it would have been nice to stretch my legs more than once - and stop the self-imposed motion sickness - the view was so impressive the entire time. The coastline is just like nothing you can imagine. Plus, there are seals!

Early Bird
Whenever I stay on the West Coast, I always try to keep my Boston hours... which resulted in me easily catching sunrise in Mendocino. I had some flashbacks to this moment in Glacier Point when I just sat still, drank coffee, and watched the fog roll in. It was so beautiful. I couldn't believe that I was the only person out there enjoying it.

My hotel didn't come with breakfast so I ended up grabbing a bagel at the Goodlife Cafe around the corner. I found this place via Foursquare and it was pretty great. I'll rarely be upset with a place that makes me a side of bacon to go. An amazing little snack to go with the view.
 All the Curves
After a leisurely breakfast being taunted by seals, I headed south. I had originally planned to stop at this place called Bowling Ball beach... but it wasn't truly obvious to me where you were actually supposed to stop and park (see above for safety notes). So I didn't. I did however stop at Point Arena lighthouse and Fort Ross.

Point Arena was totally gorgeous. The rock formations in the water were completely different than the other overlooks that I had spent time at. Plus Seals!
Fort Ross was a good place to stop and stretch your legs. It cost $8 to get in... which I pretty much justified as a bathroom fee. The place was pretty much deserted except for a giant mass of Boy Scouts doing some service trip.

This part of the coast is really littered with cattle fields. At one point, I had to slow down because they were in the road. I'm honestly a little impressed at how well the cows do scaling the steep terrain... like why don't they fall over?

I elected to stop for the night in Sausalito. I think I managed to get the last room at Casa Medrona. I had high hopes for this place based on the pictures ... and while the rooms was really well appointed. I definitely have on my "I will get justice" t-shirt when it comes to writing a review later.

Downtown Sausalito is pretty cute and great for walking which I obviously love. I was pretty stuck on eating outside and wanting some sort of carby pizza. I tried to get into the Barrel House Tavern which looked awesome.... but settled at the little place below it. A bit overpriced but still the view was pretty amazing.
Tomorrow? I'm actually thinking about driving back up to Point Reyes since I was too tired to stop yesterday on my way down. It's only about an hour north and looks amazing. Then maybe the Sutro Baths before checking into the hotel...

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