the longest gap... and a new recipe

This is officially the longest I've gone without writing.

It sounds very obnoxious to say that I was busy, but I was. And still am. I've actually recently decided to avoid the word "busy" because it feels a little obnoxious to describe things like that at times. So, I'll just say that life has been "full".

In the past 30+ days, I've done a fair amount of living:

  • I went to Miami and had a lizard in my rental car.
  • I worked 12 straight days and wasn't really mad about it. That happens when you like your job I guess.
  • I put a toasted marshmallow on strawberry shortcake. It was a phenomenal decision.
  • I made Roman shades for my living room... and kitchen. I also bought 3 new rugs for my apartment... including a hide rug. 
  • My Tumbling Tom tomato plant started to product baby tomatoes.
  • My sister is going to be moving back into the North End... and my direct neighborhood.
  • I lovingly refinished two side tables and gave them a new life in my bedroom.
  • I went blueberry picking three times.
  • I finally went to the Boston Harbor Islands... and it was moderately worth it.
  • My baby brother got his braces off!
  • I threw out 3 more moving boxes and found my Billy Curly jersey. 

I also turned 31 and made about 35 batches of pesto from my fire escape garden.

I was home this weekend savoring the perfect beach weekend. I'm always skeptical when the weather people describe something as perfect - but this was pretty close. I got some sun, wasn't too hot, and enjoyed the fresh air. I was however surprised when a few people commented that they missed my blog posts.

So here's my attempt to get back into that. The best culinary thing I've attempted in the last 45 days.

Toasted Strawberry Shortcake
Over the 4th of July, I had this weird vision while sunning myself in the yard. Strawberry shortcake ... plus a toasted marshmallow. It was either going to be GENIUS or TERRIBLE. A few hours later, I floated the idea to my dad and he was completely on board. I had promised my mom some strawberry shortcake so this just required one more step. Easy peasy.
(Step 1) Make your cake. As a family, we tend to fall back on Bisquick's recipe and it never disappoints.
(Step 2) Slice your strawberries and sprinkle with sugar to get the juices flowing.
(Step 3) Toast a marshmallow by any means available. I put it on a giant fork and roasted them over the gas grill. Worked like a charm.
(Step 4) Assemble all the ingredients with whip cream... and devour.

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