Oh Monday.

yeah, that's me. i'm pretty much an amazing rock climber.

Mondays are tough transitions, but it seems as though everyone was feeling the Monday today.

I managed to finagle a way to be in the comforts of suburbia and the beach for almost a week ... and it was amazing. I only had one vacation day but that didn't hold me back from reading outside during my "lunch break", taking bike rides after work, or just taking in the general splendor that is that big blue ocean I love so much.

It also didn't hurt that I managed to get in 3 of my favorite BLTs.

But, I'm back to city living and trying to imagine how I'll get by without sponging off my parents' central air conditioning, riding my bike to get a BLT, and smelling like sunscreen. I almost said "putting on work clothes" but let's be honest, I walk the line between beach casual and office appropriate more often than not. You can take the beach away from me, but I'll still dress like I'm there.

Conference call starts in 4 minutes. 

I marinate my hot dogs. They will be better than your best hot dog. I'd put money on it.... but don't ask me for my recipe. It's pretty much a family secret.

When you were little it was annoying that your parents' dressed you alike... now we do it on purpose... aggressively. And. It's. Amazing.

Weekend Warrior. Tennis Champion. My Dad.

The last few moments of the weekend in my hammock.

I feel like floral class has paid off. 

Grilled peaches, ice cream, and a little liquor ... on the Cape. If they keep feeding me like this, I'm not leaving.

Sunset over Long Pond.

Coffee + boat shorts + a dock = eternal happiness.

In closing, I do have a few goals for the rest of the summer based on what an amazing week I had:
  • use my real camera. I missed my big ole camera this week. iPhone is great but it's not substitute for my DSLR. So, going forward I'm going to be less lazy about lugging it around.
  • eat more salads. Summer salads are amazing. There are so many fresh ingredients and endless combinations of what to throw together. Plus, tonight (despite the heat) I spontaneously made brownies... so if I'm going to keep doing that... I'm going to need more salads and less lunchtime trips to the food trucks. Boo.
  • evening walks. Do you know how late the sun is staying up these days? Longer than I'm outside that's for sure. I need to take more evening walks around the Harbor. No more explanation required.
Happy Monday.

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