my friday > your friday

Oh guys.

Some days are just dreamy. I mean dah-re-me.

Sound it out.

Despite being a work day... today was just one of those days. Normally on a summer weekend, I run for the suburbs slash beach slash central air conditioning ... but this weekend .... I'm toughing it out. I'm staying strong in the city and exploring and sunning myself on roof tops. I mean that's what it's all about right?

Today could have been terrible. It was super hot. I had to take a work related field trip... but I turned all those things to my advantage. I used the rental car to go to a grocery store and Home Depot. There is nothing quite like becoming terribly overwhelmed in the cereal aisle because there are so many options of bran cereal. I quite literally had to get coffee filters and come back. Even now, I'm sure I made some poor cereal decisions.

But, I watched the sun go down as I ate some meat and had a friend constantly monitored my Prosecco level... and if that isn't what friends are for... well, then get yourself some new friends.

My Friday > Your Friday.

Of course I bought a multi-pack of mac and cheese. I'm just curious where the America shaped versions are... I mean don't tease me with an article in WSJ and then give me this animal crap. I want America noodles.

I ended up working from home this afternoon and folks... it was hot. Like stand in front of your AC unit in your underwear hot.... eating Greek yogurt loaded with fruit hot. The only obvious solution was to buy a slush from Polcari's. I rate it as one of the best decisions I made this week. 

Oh yeah. I joined the neighborhood pool. I'm one million percent sure that I don't fit in... but I'm also one million percent sure that I love the discount pizza and soda from the snack bar. Plus, my immune system feels really strong these days ... bring it city pool. Bring it.
I mean. I obviously love things that are free and I obviously love things that are tech based. So, if Uber is giving out ice cream and NEON tanks.... I'M ON BOARD. In fact as I write this, I'm wearing a hot pink tank and planning when and where to eat my free ice cream sandwhich I snagged today. I'm thinking a bench along the water. Plus, the guy running the truck? could. not. have. been. nicer.
It seemed like an obvious transition to go from the ice cream truck to meats on a friend's roof deck. And yes, the evening was as good as this picture alludes to... Monica's totally delivered on the meat and cheese selection. Those men never let me down.

Good hair days shouldn't be wasted on Netflix. They should be used outdoors on roof decks... or just outdoors. 
Sunset + American Flag + even better sunset + Zakem bridge = incessant instagram shots
Yep, this is where I live.

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