Oh hi there.

It's super hot in Boston. That's pretty much the update I've got for you.

We are in the middle of day 2 of 90+ degrees and according to Wikipedia... after 3 days of 90+ degrees you get to call it a heatwave. So here's hoping that happens right?

So here's a little secret about me. I'm really competitive about my electrical bill. Like each month I try to be lower than the last. So, the idea of installing my window AC unit about a month earlier than expected makes me cringe a little bit. Not because of the extra dolla bills it will take to run but because of the competition. Weird right?

Anyway. On Wednesday, I realized it was dumb that I hadn't installed it. But it is what it is. I figured I'd get home. Access the situation. Maybe install the ole baby in the window. 

I got home and it was hot. So I pulled that sucker out of the back of my closet and shoved it in the window. Taped that sucker in and turned it on. After two years in storage, I'm thankful to hear the familiar whir of the engine kick in. I'm less thankful that I lost the remote. I loved that remote.

But, in the name of sleep. I plugged that baby in and set it to the coldest setting. I figured I'd need some good sleep to erase the memories of accidentally wearing a grey dress on a 90 degree day. Spoiler alert. Grey will "show" how warm you are. I tried to mitigate this by riding a Hubway bike as opposed to riding the T ... and I can't honestly say it worked all that well. But alas...

You know what did work? Going to my favorite place in the North End, Monica's Mercato, and asking them to make me something refreshing and cool ... and giving them free reign. I walked out with a bottle of pinot grigio and an amazing tomato mozzarella salad. Both of which I enjoyed over an episode of "Franklin & Bash" in an extra large tank top pantless in my apartment.

Here's to a summer that is cooler than today.

Don't lie. This looks amazing.

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