Planes and Pretzels (Day 10)

Travel days aren’t really super exciting, but I feel like they are a great opportunity to remind myself that patience is a virtue and being nice pays off. I wouldn’t say that patience has always been a characteristic I exhibit, but I have learned that you only move as quickly as the masses in travel… and there is no point in trying to move faster.

Leaving a very international city like LA can be a bit “taxing” at times as people from many different cultures and lifestyles merge in one giant tangled travel situation. It’s almost as if people forget that social rules still apply when they get on an airplane …. Or maybe they never knew to start? I’m not sure.

A few notes about this last lovely leg of travel?
  • My seat for this return flight to Beantown was pretty prime… for people watching and legroom… not for storing my bags. Thanks to my new Premier United status I was afforded a free economy plus seat…. That’s a savings of $79 for those that want to keep track. Downside? I was unable to store any of my bags near my seat … and {gasp} had to gate check my suitcase. I really despise checking my bags. But instead of letting it ruin my mood, I merely opened my WSJ and hung out until I could retrieve my beloved Bose headphones and other treasured entertainment devices.
  • My reward for being polite and not a distant moody passenger? The flight attendants found a place in first class to store my backpack for the rest of the rest of the flight. I certainly appreciate not having to trek back from Row 7 to Row 26 to get my backpack.
  • Airplane tv is a pretty odd assortment of entertainment. Can’t we all just watch like 5 hours of laughs? There is always one show they try to sneak in there that I feel like I’ve never even heard of (and want to believe is on the brink of cancellation). Has anyone even heard of suits?
  • Bananas are not appropriate airplane food.
  • While I’m thankful for all the legroom I got in the exit row, I was not thankful for watching first class enjoy many snacks (including bananas) and rounds of beverages.
Anyway, I’m happy to be home. I plan on taking my coffee to the beach tomorrow… and maybe a trip to Ikea for some life essentials. We’ll see. Or maybe…. Just maybe…. I’ll stay home and look at all the pictures I have from the past 10 days and remember all the fun and memories.

Bonus images:
Breakfast at the Hilton
My last Bottega Louie Pretzel and episodes of Modern Family
Luggage on the carousel

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