A Rain Day for LA (Day 9)

As a Bostonian, I think nothing of any real type of precipitation. We get rain, we get snow. Hail even shows up from time to time. So, when we woke up to rain this morning pelting the leaves of the palm tree.... I wasn't really affected.

But, apparently people in LA are terribly confused by rain. Almost more so than they are by fleece. Direct quote from my hostess with the most-est "this is a fleece free zone". Despite the confusion over what to do in the rain, it was not a real concern since it cleared shortly after we got Starbucks and before we even made it to the 2nd errands stop. Thanks again nature.

(1) Errands, Ikea, and Tacos ... Oh my.
We hit many stops on the errand / adventure train. Of which, picking up a tv stand from Craig's List was one... the buyer? a video editor for Bravo. He asked if we were fans. I may have overwhelmed him with my enthusiasm. We also hit up Ikea before heading to lunch at El Tarasco

El Tarasco was quite possibly the best carne asada taco I have ever had. I know that's quite a high bar to set, but I really mean it. After my first bite of the carne asada taco, I instantly regretted splitting my decision for one chicken and one beef. If you are ever in the LA area, you must go to El Tarasco for Mexican.

Another plus about El Tarasco? We spent a little bit of time in Manhattan Beach. It was super pretty, especially since it wasn't raining anymore.... as you can clearly see. The ocean was super impressive as you looked down the hill from El Tarasco. Looked so serene and inviting.... especially to the pile of surfers that were attempting the waves.

(2) Out and About
LA is most certainly a driving city... I know this for certain because we did a lot of driving to different sights in the afternoon. I can't even remember all of the places that we were but Kristin made sure that we covered all the hot spots.
We drove down all the famous shopping streets. Saw the legendary hotels.... and loved on the gorgeous weather that we were given.... and of course stopped for a beverage. Despite the slightly chilly afternoon, the Urth Caffe offered some fabulous bubble tea that was a perfect addition to trolling the sale rack at Anthropologie. 

(3) Dinner and a Movie
Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say "snack, movie, and a dinner" since that is the more accurate order of activities. I'm excited and embarrassed about the whole thing. Why? Well, the movie we selected from Redbox was ..... "Never Say Never".... otherwise known as the Justin Beiber Documentary. 

No, I'm not lying.... and I may have a slight.... VERY SLIGHT... case of Bieber fever after this. He's a super talented kid and that's for sure. Plus, the truffle popcorn we had as a pre-dinner snack certainly helped. 

For dinner? Arugula with Bacon and Haloumi .... drizzled with reduced balsamic dressing. The bomb.com for sure.

Now? I'm getting ready to head to bed at the LAX Hilton before I fly home tomorrow morning. I can't believe the adventure is wrapping up. I'm in the process of downloading "The King's Speech" for the flight tomorrow in the event United tries to show me "Cars 2" again. I can't fake interest in that for another minute.

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