What is "sticker pizza" .... {and how to avoid it}

Every Monday that I'm in Pennsylvania, I get the personal size Pizza Verde takeout from Bertuccis. Its perfectly fancy, yet comforting... and I'll be honest 33% of the time I eat it in bed. Let me be clear. When I say "in bed", I quite literally mean I'm under the covers eating pizza. Its a luxury I wouldn't do in my own house/bed.

Anyway, I love this pizza verde since it has some of my favorite ingredients: carbs, cheese, prosciutto, and balsamic {yes, that's pretty much everything in the pizza}. I wanted to recreate this pizza for the family over the weekend and Sunday dinner was the first time we were really all together.

True Confessions? This is actually the second time I made this pizza for the family. The first time they were sweet enough to eat it - hell, it wasn't *that* bad, but it wasn't great. We fondly referred to it as "sticker" pizza since the bottom got so burned well-cooked you could just peel off the bottom to make it taste better.

I attempted to remedy the "sticker pizza" issue this time by lowering the temperature of the grill, and it was successful ... but I ended up throwing the pizza under the broiler to crisp up the prosciutto for little brother.

Here are some pictures of the process and basic recipe at the bottom....

Cooking outside is my favorite
Nice crispy {but not burned} crust...
Freshly grilled dough... with mozzarella and prosciutto
Baby Sister took over on the prosciutto spreading
The finished product
The ingredients and process for this couldn't be easier..... I haven't included amounts because its as much or as little as you want. Like cheese? use more of it. Enough said.

Grocery Store pizza dough ($1.79/each)
Mozzarella ($5.99)
Prosciutto ($7)
Mixed greens ($2.99)
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
  1. Stretch out the dough in desired shape, thinner is better but avoid holes. Who likes holes in their pizza?
  2. Brush olive oil on one side and sprinkle some salt on that sucker.
  3. Flop the olive oil side down on a medium temp grill. Keep an eye on this as you don't want to make "sticker pizza".
  4. Repeat the olive oil / salt treatment... and when ready flip the pizza again. Now you've grilled both sides. Its time for some toppings!
  5. Slap on some cheese and then prosciutto. Drizzle *a little* olive oil on the pizza. I found this helps the cheese melt a bit {perhaps, I'm making this up}. The fam suggested I put a little too much olive oil on one of the pizzas.
  6. Pull the pizza off the grill before the bottom gets too well done. If you want, throw it in the oven under the broiler to crisp up the toppings. Keep an eye on this though... broilers move quickly.
  7. Cut as desired, add the greens, and watch people smile as they eat.
This is just that easy... and cheap. I included what I spent above for the ingredients we had to procure at the store. For a family of 5, we needed two pizzas which would have run us $35ish at the local pizza fav, Riva Pizza.

End result? Saved some cash money. Cooked on the grill. Didn't make sticker pizza. Win. Win. and Win.

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