summer food delights

I don't remember the first time I had strawberry shortcake but its one of my all-time favorite desserts. I've often said I'd serve it at my wedding - which by that way is lightyears away. It's like the perfect combination of carb-y goodness, sweet fruit, and refreshing whip cream. We've been a "strawberry shortcake" family for a long time it seems. For a family with a sweet tooth, this certainly fits the bill.

When Baby Sister and I were little, the tasks for strawberry shortcake would be divided up. Baby Sister was always in charge of the strawberries. There is a certain art to getting them juicy and she delivered. Now of course I can't remember whether I was in charge of whip cream or the cake business... but more recently I've been in charge of the cake.... and by cake I mean Bisquick. Let's be honest.... Bisquick is like the duct-tape of the kitchen in my mind.  You can use it for like everything carb based. Chicken Fingers? Check. Pancakes? Check. Rolls? Sure why not. Oh and Tuna Burgers. Yes, that's also true.

You may judge the use of Bisquick but it makes the most delicious nuggets of carb-y delight for this dessert. This time around, I elected to help out with portion control by making them in some Texas muffin tins {why Texas? I have no idea. Let's ask Texas}. My inability to measure prevents me from sharing why my Bisquick cakes are better than yours ... but I can tell you that I sprinkle sugar on the top and its delicious.

Homemade whip cream really steps it up a notch and is for sure worth it too. I'm sure a true baker, would say I've over-whipped the cream - but whatever. Its delicious. {How many times have I said that word so far?} 

Perfect summer dessert.

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