More US Air Hate.

As a continuation of yesterday's non-love letter to US Air, I thought I would share some of the performance statistics that shed a little light on travel frustrations. Now, admittedly, I'm a little bit crazy and spent the time to do this research ... instead of say, sleeping ....but, I kind of needed to validate the feeling of perpetually late flights.

Now, a few clarifications:
- I only looked at US Air, no other airlines
- I only looked at Boston / Philadelphia route
- I'm not a statistician. I just love numbers.

I have a few favorite sites that make travel a bit easier, or at least more organized. TripIt is awesome for organization, but I use FlightStats to see whats actually happening with my flight. They also have some great historical data which is what I used for this.

I looked at on-time performance two ways: (1) specific flight numbers and (2) time of day performance in an effort to see a full picture of performance. Flight numbers are repeated over different days in the week so the use of both methods offer a perspective of what you'd experience say at 7pm on a Thursday in Philadelphia. 

These obviously aren't all the flights that US Air has on this route, but they are the ones that I could potentially be taking each week. I typically take book the 8:30 AM (#1811) for Monday mornings, but get on the 6:30 (#1239) or 7:15 (#1555). For this time frame, you can see that these flights are on-time 65-72% of the time. The amount of delay is not insignificant either. That lovely 7:15 flight? When there is a delay, it averages at over an hour.

I've left all the nitty gritty details below for you but one note... Philly travel for Wednesday is more delayed than Thursday? Philadelphia is a significant "consulting" destination which operate on M-TH schedule. Who is screwing up the system on Wednesday?

So, today I'm supposed to travel home to Boston on that beloved 7:15 flight that is on-time never. Let's just see how late it is today. Feel free to surprise me US Air. I'll love to arrive home on-time.

Philadelphia > Boston Flight Status by Day and Time

Boston > Philadelphia Flight Status by Day and Time

Flight Status by Route / Carrier
Flight Status By Time of Day / Carrier

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