Hot Hot Hot

I just saw on the news this morning that Pennsylvania is going to get a heat wave this week. A honest to goodness heatwave. While I'm "blessed" to spend this wave in Air Conditioning, I would still much rather spend it sitting on a porch drinking some ice tea.... or perhaps splashing around in the family {baby} pool.

Whenever I'm home, I have / need / must make sun tea. Sun tea tastes delish but requires the patience of waiting several hours for the sun to do its work. The best part about sun tea is that you can get creative with it - throw in as many or as few tea bags as you want, put in some herbs for flavor, you get to pick.

My recipe? 5 green tea bags and a handful of mint.

I had a huge craving for my sun tea last night when I was leaving the gym - well actually, I wanted a margarita, but settled for sun tea. Since I clearly hadn't been making any tea at the Hilton while I was at work, I had to settled for ice tea from the grocery store {ahem.... Wawa}. I'm salivating just thinking about sun tea...

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