hello there mr. goat

Oh hello Mr. Goat!
Last weekend, I went to the Glastonbury Abbey {and the nearby Organic Farm} and roamed the property during their annual fundraising garden show. Having never been, I was really excited to see some of the gardens that I'd hear about from family and friends. I'd seen on Foursquare that there was a stone labyrinth and I had these visions of getting a little bit lost in it... in an awesome way. Spoiler alert? I was a little let down by the labyrinth as you'll see below.

I've always thought of gardens I guess in the really traditional sense of "flowers" but many of the gardens on the property were Asian inspired and sporting some serious evergreen action. A nice change of pace. 

This is me in the labyrinth. Not exactly a place to get "lost", but still interesting none the less.

This was the view from the Monk's private garden looking up. Its not the best picture since the despite the bright blue sky day isn't reflected in the least... but perhaps it shows just how shady and serene the private garden was.... and how much tree cover there was. I'd love to sit in their private little tea house and watch the rain fall some day.

Just another suburban adventure under my belt.

Note: I used the tips that AJD posted on her Boundless Fille post this week to edit the goat picture above. I loved the picture before, but the after is just so much better. {Thanks for the tips!} Here is the original.

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