Guilty Pleasure

Earlier this week I went to grocery store {I'll be honest... it was a Wawa} and bought cookie dough frozen yogurt. Then, I proceeded to eat only the cookie dough. I'm not exaggerating ... in the least.

I let the Ben & Jerry's defrost until it was quite melty. Then I got a big spoon and stood over the sink picking out the cookie dough chunks. In an effort to be less piggy, I split up the cookie dough over two nights.

I just love cookie dough.

When I was in college, I always had a roll of cookie dough in my refrigerator. This probably wasn't the best thing, but I lived off of chicken fingers, cookie dough, frozen waffles, bud light, and nachos.

Anyway.... while watching the Bruins game with Little Brother I had a hankering for more cookie dough... and that is just what I did. I "prepared" two tablespoons {one for each of us} and promptly enjoyed it.

Not much on tap for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to relaxing, going for a good run or two, and perhaps taking some pictures of these great flowers I saw on my afternoon bike ride. My aunt called me tonight to tell me she was making the grilled pizza from earlier in the week {woop woop}. I'm inspired to make something else this weekend as a result, we'll see what happens.

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