Anchors Away!

Remember the post I did around Valentine's Day about "Talk Nerdy to Me"? Well, talking nautical is just as good. If you some how find a way to merge the seashore and the interweb together... without causing an electrical fire, call me. 

But, in the meantime... I do love all things nautical especially as warm weather is become more and more frequent of an occurrence. I love stripes, I love the color blue, I love canvas. I'm a huge fan of tote bags. Hell, I've even embraced the fact that my hair turns all sorts of unruly around the ocean. Think friz + wavey + uncontrollable. It'll be the only time I break out a hat... ever.

After a super great Memorial Day weekend, I was having a severe bit of long weekend withdrawl this morning and wishing for days that didn't involve conference calls, powerpoints, and project plans. I'm not sure what I did before Pinterest came into my life, but it has this way of resetting the mood. I've been working on this Anchors board for about a week now and here are a few favorites.

I can't wait for the day when I get to cover a study or reading nook with all this anchor business. Thankfully, my dreams of having a "map room" fit quite nicely with the "anchor/nautical" room... otherwise, I'd have to start saving some cash money for all these rooms I plan on "decorating". I use the word decorating reallllllly loosely since I lived in my last apartment for two years and only hung about 3 pictures and they were on hooks that were already in the wall.

I have high aspirations though for my next living abode (target date: September 2011). Although I think the bead board and cool light fixtures have to wait for a house, perhaps I'll be able to throw some blue paint around and slap some anchors on the walls. Or, I'll just spend an entire weekend watching HGTV "Holmes Inspection", "Yard Crashers" and "Income Property" .... chances are pretty good either way.

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