Yippee! More Travel!

Sarcasm. But yes... Another day of travel.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to fly over my hometown on my way to Philly. Like I mentioned last Friday, I just really like looking out the window when I'm in the air. Even if it's cloudy I still think it's awesome. This flight is just so short that I think I'll try for the window every time.

The best part though is seeing landmarks that I recognize, like my home. These pictures are obviously taken with my droid but I was pretty pumped. As I was taking these little brother was headed to 6th grade and baby sister was enjoying a well-deserved vacation day. Probably watching Bethenny on The Ellen Show ..... A sister tradition.

I think one reason I always get excited about flying over the ocean is that I 1000% hope that one day I will see a whale or giant school of fish. Hell, I'd even be excited to see a giant great white shark - like the one that was seen off the coast of Martha's Vineyard this past week

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