Setting the tone

Is it weird that sometimes when I'm flying I feel super high up in the air?  I would imagine that is because of the clouds. The closer they seem, the closer I feel to the ground. 

This morning in the security line at Logan airport there was a man in a suit standing near the TSA agents inspecting the boarding passes. You know how one event can set the tone for the day, good or bad? Well, this guy totally set the tone for the day. He made polite, friendly conversation with people at they passed by him. Asked if the guy behind me was going to be the inflight entertainment {he had a guitar...}. Asked the two little girls flying with their parents for their drivers licenses. They erupted in giggles they way cute little blonde girls only can. 

Yes, it was 6 am and a rainy Monday morning but the friendly guy had set the tone for the day with his friendly greetings. Even as I write this 30000 feet in the air with some guys knees in my back, I'm in a great mood :)

Note: do you ever try to figure people out that you see in your day to day travels? Like a little sliver of their life story? Well, I'm puzzled by the two preteens sitting next to me on this flight. They are both reading matching editions of the Economist - but seriously look like they are 17. The girl has blue nails.... And the PDA hasn't stopped since we got on the plane. I just wasn't aware you could play Angry Birds successfully while holding hands. Props on that. I think it's the Economist that really throws me off.... 

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