Just your average Suburban Saturday

Spring has obviously sprung and one of the best parts of that happening is being able to go for runs outside. I used to get "stressed out" about running outside because I'd get super preoccupied with how far I'd run, how fast (slow), or whether I'd missed any calls.

Thankfully, my transition to the Android and subsequently the Runkeeper app has saved me from all of that. I simply turn on the app, make sure I get the little green light from the GPS, and press start. A friendly little voice can even be activated to tell you about your progress and stats. Loves it.

Anyway. Since I'm barely home, I like to make use of my gym membership when I am but today was just so nice. But, if I didn't go to the gym then I'd have no idea what all the trendy moms were wearing from Lululemon... So I did a quick lift session and then came home for a nice run. The weather was super great, so I put on my kicks, turned on my Pandora, clicked "start" and headed out on a great run.

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My parents neighborhood is super awesome and it doesn't hurt to run past some pretty landscaping and the ocean. Here are a few pictures that I snapped along the route because its hard to ignore some pretty trees and the ocean.
Taken at 2/10 of a mile
Taken at Mile 1
Taken at Mile 2
Here's hoping that I get just as nice of a run in tomorrow ... I'll need it for sure because I've now had a BLT for the last 6 days in a row. While I consider this to not only be a personal record and a victory, some might take it to be a little too much.


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